• It was never a law or regulation
  • It only applied to lenders, not appraisers
  • It did not mandate the use of AMC's by lenders in ordering appraisal
  • It did not prohibit agents or brokers from communicating with appraisers
  • HVCC is still in affect. FALSE! The HVCC sunsetted on October 31, 2010.

If you're a mortgage loan officer or a mortgage broker don't be fooled by the myths concerning the HVCC. The HVCC ended on October 31, 2011. However, if you are still not allowed to order appraisals directly from an individual appraiser and are seeking an appraisal ordering system or service, I recommend using the Mercury Network for ordering appraisals. I'm already registered on Mercury Network, and it's the fastest, most compliant and effective way to order appraisals from me without overhauling your entire appraisal ordering process.

Because I'm already a Mercury Network member, after you complete your own Mercury Network profile, you can add me to your appraiser panel, if you choose to. You'll also appreciate Mercury Network's pre-populated status message and text box-driven communications which provide you with an audit trail for each transaction. To order using Mercury Network, click here.